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My wiki for you all is about animal jam! I will be posting what things are worth and other hopefully helpful things. there are no bad things so it is appropriate for young children. My animal jam user is Chomper1828 if you want to buddy me. My youtube is also Chomper1828.

Hey! It's me, Vorn! I'm an admin on this wiki and I'd love to help you! I will also help my friend post on what items are worth! My AJ user is Vorn and my youtube is Vorn AJ! Hope you like this wiki!

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  • new page How to troll on AJ
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    New page: Trolling on Animal Jam is enjoyed by many people and is a common choice in AJ comedy videos.  CarrotsEdit Carrots are orange penguins with big black...
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  • new page How to Get Ready for the Jamaalidays
    created by Fireheart0110
    New page: Are you wondering about good ways to get ready for the Jamaalidays? Well you came to the right place! Continue reading to find out more on how to get...
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  • edit About Being Non-member
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  • new page About Being Non-member
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    New page: There are good things and bad things about being a non-member too! Most of them are bad sadly, but that's OK! Let's start with the good things! You...
    Summary: added a new page.
  • new page About Being A Member
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    New page: So, you think Animal Jam is better being a member? well its not much better. But today I'm going to tell you the good things about being a member and...
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    Summary: Welcome to the Animal jam facts Wiki:
  • new page Animal Jam Rules
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    New page: Add Video Add Image When you're playing Animal Jam, you should know the rules so you will be safe. Keep your info privateEdit When you are...
  • discussion page Hi *pls fill out*
    comment by Fireheart0110
    Vorn AJ1

    Vorn AJ1

    Wolf Name Username Status Any Problems Fur color Eye color Mate/ Crush Pups age -in years and months - Rank - Sentinel 1 Female  



    Wolf Name: Star Username: chomper1828 Status: Member no problems Fur Color: white eye color: blue no mate or crush no pups age: 4 ye... 

  • discussion page Talk:Animal Jam Information
    new comment by Vorn AJ1
    Comment: Great job! I hope you can send me the sign up form soon! <3 -Vorn
  • new page Animal Jam Information
    created by Fireheart0110
    New page: Hello! There are things about Animal Jam you may not know. And I'm here to tell you. Animal Jam is appropriate for young children. There is no...

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